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  • They Want To Take Your Tunes

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    House Bill 2228

    Is a ban on carrying children under 6 years of age on a bicycle or in a bicycle trailer. Doing so costs $90.

    Yep, you read right. An Oregon Representative named Mitch Greenlick (D-Portland) is introducing some legislation that would keep parents from riding to school and grocery stores with their kids towed in bike trailers or tag-alongs.

    House Bill 2602

    Will prohibit cyclists from riding while wearing a “listening device that is capable of receiving telephonic communication, radio broadcasts or recorded sounds.”

    If you listen to music while you ride, you’d get a $90 ticket. This winner is introduced by Representative Mike Schaufler (D-Happy Valley).

    Clearly these guys have way too much time on their hands. Neither has evidence that support theories that bike trailers are unsafe or that listening to music while riding a bike is unsafe.

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